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These 9 tips to learn effectively online will show you quick ways to do better as an online student.

Online learning comes with advantages that trump it over the traditional bricks and mortar schooling system. As an online learner, in most cases, you are in control of your time and how you learn but online learning comes with its challenges like distractions and too much room for complacency since no one checks on you to know if you are consistent or not. This is why I wrote these 9 tips to learn effectively online.

9 ways to learn effectively online

Keep reading to discover how you can learn effectively online in 9 simple ways.

9 Tips to learn effectively online

1. Create a study routine

The reason many people fail to complete their classes online is that they do not have a strict study routine or daily goals. You need to be clear about your goals and how much you can give them every day so that procrastination does not take the order of the day. Your routine shouldn’t be mere speculation, it should be measurable so that you can tell when you are getting it right and when you are getting it wrong. For example, if you are studying a course that has five lessons, you may decide to give each lesson one hour every day. This means you will complete your class in five days or six days in case you would need to write exams.

Create a study routine

2. Ensure you meet the requirements

Before signing up for any course, ensure you have what is required for you to learn. For many courses, you can learn with your smartphone but for immersive learning, you may need to learn with your laptop. You need to make sure that whatever is required for the course including devices, internet access, software and other requirements are met.

Ensure you meet the requirements

3. Set reminders or pin notes where you can see it

When you create a study routine, it is important to set reminders, add the time to your calendars and set it as a priority on your to-do list. You could also pin notes where you could see it every day so that you can keep yourself in check.

Set reminders or pin notes where you can see it

4. Have a dedicated study space

It is important to have a space dedicated to your study where there would be less or no distraction. Your family should be aware of that boundary so that they can tell what you are doing anytime you are there. Your dedicated space should not necessarily be where you might fall prey to sleep or other subtle distractions. 

Have a dedicated study space

5. Be accountable

Don’t keep it to yourself that you are learning online. While posting your progress on social media is the right way to go, you should also have a friend or learning mate that can help keep you in check. At FunIQ Skills Academy, it is easy to connect with other learners, post your progress and stay engaged with a community where you can always find support.

Be accountable

6. Don’t take multiple classes at the same time

Another challenge with online learning is that one would be tempted to take multiple classes at the same time especially when there are several free and discounted courses available. It is okay to purchase or enrol in multiple courses but do not take time at the same time. Ensure you complete a course before going on to the next one. This way, you can remain focused and complete your courses quickly.

Don’t take multiple classes at the same time

7. Have a note handy

The purpose of taking notes isn’t necessarily because you would need it later in the future during revision, it also makes you think and help you retain what you are learning. There are many ways to write your notes, you could use a notebook, or take notes on your smartphone while you learn with your computer. 

Have a note handy

8. Offer or Seek Support

At FunIQ Skills Academy, FunIQ Social is designed to help keep you engaged around what you are learning. There are several groups you could join where you can help other students who need or seek support when you need one. Those who participate in these activities complete their courses faster because by offering support, you are getting better and building a reputation for yourself. By seeking support, you are leveraging on a helping hand to learn faster.

Offer or Seek Support

9. Take study breaks

Studying without break have lots of consequences. It is okay to take some breaks, it might be a day off. If you are working on a difficult assignment or project, taking a break can help you relax and get new ideas.

Take study breaks
The most important thing is to remain dedicated to your pursuit.

We hope that this 9 tips to learn effectively online is very informative for you.

The most important thing is to remain dedicated to your pursuit. Only people who are dedicated will reach their goals. To start learning, you could choose from free and paid courses available on FunIQ Skills Academy.

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