Indie Book Publishing Masterclass

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About Course

This is a complete masterclass on becoming a successful indie publisher. Some also call it “self-publishing”. You can become a global author, selling your books all over the world without spending a dime or going through the stress of finding a publisher.

I am sure that you haven’t only heard of “eSomething” before, I believe that you’ve also heard of eBanking, eCommerce, eFlyer… Ermm, eNaira too! I didn’t just teach how to build and sell your paperbacks, you’ll also be learning how to create your own eBooks or do it for others as an agency.

I am not sure there is any other course offering so much information as contained in this course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You'll be able to self-publishing your manuscript on Amazon Kindle and paperback for free
  • You'll be able to create a free professional looking book cover using Canva
  • You'll be able to publish your books on other platforms
  • You'll be able to publish books without writing a word

Course Content

Introduction to eBook and Indie Publishing

  • What are eBooks?
  • What is Indie Publishing?
  • Planning your book
  • Improving your writing style

2. Editing & Formatting Your eBook

3. Book Cover Design

4. Launching and Selling on Amazon Kindle
We have taken time to write, format and design our manuscript and book covers. Now, it is time to sell and earn. Amazon is the first place that comes to mind when we are talking about selling eBooks but there are several other platforms. Before the end of this course, you will not only be selling your eBook on Kindle, you will also be selling your Paperback and worldwide and selling eBooks on all major platforms in the world. With Amazon Kindle publisher, you don’t only get to publish eBooks, you can also publish your Paperbacks; it is a print-on-demand service that delivers your Paperback around the globe when readers purchase. With this, you make your book available in eBook and Paperback without doing any of the heavy work. Let’s get straight into it.

5. Launching and selling on other platforms
Aside from Amazon, there are various other platforms where you could publish your eBook. Amazon is estimated to have a 67% eBook market share which makes it the leading platform for book publishing. For English books, Amazon owns as much as eighty per cent market. However, for various reasons, authors may want to explore other platforms or combine the potentials in both Amazon and other platforms like Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble and other smaller local platforms like OkadaBook which is the leading local eBook platform in Nigeria to reach more readers or readers who for personal reasons do not use Amazon Kindle. In this lesson, you will be learning the easiest way to publish on all those other platforms. You do not need to start publishing on each platform one after another, there are services where you can publish on all these platforms with a simple click of the button. For this course, we will be narrowing it down to just one service, Draft2Digital. We will be using D2D because it is very easy and because of other benefits that you will be seeing much later in this course.

6. How to publish without writing a word

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