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FunIQ Skills Academy is a growing platform and since its inception, we have been working hard to find what works for us and build on it. To enhance the features of the platform, we introduced FunIQ Social. With FunIQ Social, users can interact, post their minds, post job listings, join groups and engage in various other useful social networking activities which have been designed with education in mind.

While the reception and usage of FunIQ Skills Academy have remained nothing but awesome, FunIQ Social has not enjoyed the same acceptance despite the major resources that have been channelled to make it work.

A screenshot of older version of FunIQ Social


To keep many aspects of this platform running smoothly requires a huge financial commitment, 24/7 maintenance activities, high-end infrastructure and so many other innovative and technical resources. Because of our limited funds, manpower and resources, we have been having a hard time keeping the platform running.

FunIQ Social was our most innovative project with very promising features but because we can no longer afford to keep it running, we are striping it off FunIQ Skills Academy indefinitely. We have no plans now or in the future to bring back the social networking features.

A screenshot of the latest and last version of FunIQ Social

FunIQ Skills Academy is a bootstrap project with no external funding and maintaining FunIQ Social has been extremely difficult. You can download all your activities and information from FunIQ Social with one click by sending a request email to support@funiqskills.com.

However, be rest assured that FunIQ Skills Academy will continue to function. We want to channel all available resources into creating new courses, improving your learning experience and getting the best out of FunIQ Skills Academy.


Aside from the social networking features of FunIQ Skills Academy, nothing much will change on the core functions of FunIQ Skills Academy. You will no longer be able to access socials and its features including Groups, private messaging, job postings or applications and other related features.

We are sad that we gave up too early but this is to enable us to serve you better.

– George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie,
Founder, FunIQ Skills Academy

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